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About Us

About Us

Manage, Maintain, Protect, Improve

 Core Functions of the WRCC:

• Reporting and Attending Council / Boards / Regional Committees

• Reporting and Attending City Meetings / Planning / Land Use / Recreation / SEART / Heritage

• Volunteer Directorship of the Corporation

• Grass Maintenance along Canal Lands

• Year-round Garbage Collection on Canal Lands and Trail 

• On-Water and On-Land Shoreline Clean Up of Garbage and Debris 

• Graffiti Removal and Control

• Seasonal Dock Installations: Fishing Docks, Scuba Park, Community Centre

• Information Sharing With Public - Website, PSA’s, News Releases

• Meetings with User Groups / Planning / Community Reach

• Planning, Grant Writing

• Health & Safety Planning / Meetings

• Building Inspections / Monitoring / Alarms at the WIFC's 3 venues

• Community Event Support During Summer Season

• Human Resources and Oversight of Labour, Programs, Scheduling, Reporting

• Purchase Management / Outside Contractor Coordination

• Operation of Welland Canoe Rental Program

• Operation of Merritt Island Washrooms – Summer and Winter

• Playground Facilitation, Cleaning and Maintenance on Merritt Island

• Facilitation of YMCA Camp on Merritt Island

• Gardens and Plantings, Brush Clearing at Several Locations Along Waterway

• Washroom Maintenance and Servicing Along Canal Trail - Permanent and Portable

• Trail Maintenance – Asphalt and Natural Trails and Accesses

• Canal Terrace Maintenance

• Merritt Park Amphitheatre Maintenance

• Upkeep of Equipment, Vehicles and Tools

• PenFinancial Flatwater Community Centre Maintenance

• Maintenance of Canal Lands Infrastructure: Fences, Railings, Bollards, Storm Ditches, Vandalized Property, Structures