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Movie Night in the Park

The event itself begins when you walk through the entrance of the Merritt Park Amphitheatre. You can immediately smell the delicious treats from the food vendor that offers popcorn and other staple movie snacks to make for an authentic outdoor movie experience. You drop off your canned goods in the bin, smiling to yourself as you think of the individual who will delight in the beans and Kraft dinner that you just donated. When you take a seat in amphitheatre and curl yourself up in a blanket, you can see children anxiously awaiting the film in the front row, dressed in their pajamas and munching on buttery popcorn. Taking a second look, you realize that there are not just youth present this evening, but instead people of all age groups, some in large groups and others who came to enjoy the outdoor event by themselves. A low buzz of chatting can be heard as people catch up with their neighbours on their weekends and what the next week holds, for most-this event is a chance to spend quality time with their family and friends. Illuminated by the stars and the moon’s reflection off Welland’s Waterway, you turn your attention to the screen and its gorgeous natural backdrop. You take in a deep breath of fresh air that is so easily missed in the fast-pace that has become a norm in today’s society.  The film begins with a sponsor loop, thanking the City of Welland for their generosity in making this season possible.  There is a hush amongst the crowd as the film begins. You look around to see everyone huddled in Merritt Park Amphitheatre, sharing this night together- the strong sense of community undeniable as you sit under the stars.

Admission: Non-perishable food items
Movies begin at dusk (approx 9pm-9:30pm) Location: Merritt Park

2013 Movie Listings  

July 14thStep Mom

July 21st – Princess Diaries

July 28thWreck it Ralph

August 4thCharade with Audrey Hepburn

August 11thThe Mighty Ducks