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Sport Tourism, the WIFC and Welland

Welland is home to an incredible national asset – The Welland Recreational Waterway. There is no other body of water like it in Canada – making it THE premier flatwater sport destination in our country. It’s the fairest and cleanest. Flatwater sports are THE most winning sports in Canadian Olympic history – and all of those athletes proudly wearing the Maple Leaf on their chests have passed through Welland to get to the world’s highest podiums.

Beginning with a diversified vision, Stephen Fischer, Executive Director at the Welland Recreational Canal Corporation has been at the helm to oversee the growth of sport tourism in Welland and on the Welland Recreational Canal. Working with the Board of Directors of the Canal Corporation along with strategic partnerships and alliances with numerous flatwater sport associations from around the world, the vision has become a reality. There are great synergies available to local businesses, the community, and the future of the City with every event that is held here in Welland. 

A premiere site, and area, for training and hosting flatwater sport events, championships and training camps, the business of sport tourism is far reaching and invigorates all levels of the local economy and enhances the reputation – both locally and internationally – of a vibrant city and exciting sports culture.  As part of The City of Welland’s Strategic Plan, the Parks & Recreation Master Plan, and the City’s Economic Plan, Sport Tourism at WIFC is recognized as a cornerstone of the future economy of the City 2.0 with an Economic Impact of over $48million over the next three years from WIFC hosted events. We invite you to take a few moment s to watch Stephen’s TEDx  St. Catharines 2012 Sport Tourism presentation