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Our Values & Goals

About Us

The Master Plan for the Welland Recreational Waterway was initiated in November of 2006.  The plan has been derived from a review of dozens of reports, plans and studies that have been prepared over the years; the history of the development and use of the Welland Canal and its impact on the City of Welland; a high level physical analysis of the land and water that comprises the Recreational Waterway; and research into other similar environments around the world.  Input was received from the Councillors of the City of Welland, Welland Recreational Canal Corporation Board and Staff, City of Welland Staff, region-wide stakeholder groups and residents through interviews, workshops, community forums and individual submissions.

The foundation, framework and direction for the Canal Corporation and the Master Plan are derived from the Goal of the Plan and the ‘big picture’ Vision of what the Recreational Waterway could become as we look ahead into the future.  The goal and vision are supported by ten Guiding Principles which provide policy direction and birth seven Objectives with increasing levels of detail about ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ are filtered through.  The Master Plan is structured around the Conceptual Planning Framework that divides the Waterway Corridor into eight distinct nodes and linkages.  The Detailed Recommendations for investment, activities and events, enhancement, and facility development are tied to these eight zones; in addition to a series of recommendations consistent with the entire Waterway Corridor.

This Master Plan contains many recommendations, some of which will require extensive capital investment and research to realize and maintain.  A good number of the recommendations suggest programs, events and other activities.  In addition, some of the recommendations provide for shifts in philosophy and policy direction, and recommend policy development.  A few recommendations involve research and planning initiatives to test some of the suggestions and provide sufficient detail to make accurate decisions and implement specific recommendations.  It is not the intent that the WRCC act alone in the realization of this plan.  There are great synergies available due to the sheer number of opportunities and the magnitude of what is being proposed.  It is expected that through partnerships and other strategic alliances, in addition to well-timed parallel initiatives, that the City of Welland, both Provincial and Federal levels of government, non-profit groups, and commercial investors will work in concert with the WRCC to systematically implement the Master Plan over many years as resources become available and suitable opportunities arise.  The Master Plan is intended to be a conceptual guideline to ‘point the way’ and encourage further high-level, detailed planning and the development and enhancement of the Welland Recreational Waterway.

The Goal

To create an exciting, attractive, well used and self-sustaining Recreational Waterway that is fully integrated into the fabric and life of the City of Welland - a distinctive and memorable place where people want to be – a place where residents and visitors can participate in a wide variety of arts, culture, sports, leisure and recreation activities, and experience a unique natural and recreational environment within an urban area.


• Protect the land and waterways that make up the recreational waterway
• Foster public awareness of the recreational waterway
• Develop the recreational waterway for the benefit of the community

Statement of Values and Commitments

• To be a transparent, responsive organization with the highest level of integrity and accountability 
• We are inspired by our belief in the role the Welland Recreational Waterway can play in the quality of community life
• We are committed to being a champion and strengthens community, recreational and competitive sport initiatives that promote a healthy life style for citizens of all ages
• We are committed to leaving a legacy; to being an influential organization providing significant synergies and ongoing support to the community through the Recreational Waterway 

With the adoption of the Welland Recreational Waterway’s Master Plan in 2007, the Canal Corporation, with input from the community, began looking at the ‘old canal’ as a vibrant piece of its future and the transition to ‘recreational waterway’ began.