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Welland Indoor Paddle Tank Program

Programs & Events

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What do canoe, kayak, dragon boat, and rowing have in common with the Welland International Flatwater Centre (WIFC), apart from hosting races and practices from spring till fall? The WIFC features an Indoor Paddle Tank that allows you to participate in these flatwater sports throughout the winter months!

The Welland Indoor Paddle Tank delivers community sport & recreation programming in a multi-sport, moving water, variable speed training tank located at the Welland International Flatwater Centre (WIFC), a legacy venue of Toronto 2015 Pan Am / Parapan American Games. The inaugural tank season will begin in October 2014 and run until March 2015     and is the equivalent of a treadmill but with water as the 'training surface' instead of rubber.

The Indoor paddle tank is one-of-a-kind in North America, accommodating each of the four flatwater sports: canoe, kayak, rowing (both sweep and sculling disciplines) and dragon boat. The tank has many features, including adjustable water speed, which allows use by first time community members and national champions alike as the moving water can be set at different speeds based on training.

The program will provide a unique opportunity to the local community to experience various flatwater sports. Schools, community groups, and sporting teams / clubs are encouraged to grab a paddle or an oar and give flatwater sports a try! Whether you have stood on the podium at worlds, or have never been out on the water, this opportunity allows for individuals of all experience levels and all ages to participate no matter the season.


The facility promotes the principles of physical literacy as outlined in       the Canadian Sport for Life model. These principles are fostered through programming opportunities both in the tank and in the 2,000 square       foot fitness space, outfitted with free weights, weight equipment, cardio accessories, exercise machines, and ergs. The facility also features open space, ideal for housing yoga, zumba, or any other instructor led fitness group.