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WRCC Annual Budget


2016 WRCC Operating Budget

The Welland Recreational Canal Corporation's Operations Budget sets out amounts required for continued maintenance of the Canal Lands and operation of the Canal Corporation.  With nearly 1,000 acres of  land and water to take care of, we strive each year to provide excellent value per acre.  The maintenance, care and development of the lands, waterway, facilities and programs all fall under the Canal Corporation’s administration including the running of the Welland International Flatwater Centre and the Paddle Rental Centre and delivering arts and culture projects on the City's behalf.  Between the different facilities, use of the 24 km of trail, glorious Merritt Island, the Canals Lands are the busiest park system in the City of Welland.  We are proud to deliver this incredible asset to you, our fellow citizens.

This operations budget has been created with the full consideration of: the mandate of the Canal Corporation as directed by Council of the City of Welland; the greatest positive impact on the public; increasing enjoyment and quality of life of citizens in our community; and continuing to be an economic driver for those employed regionally and locally within the local business community.  The Annual Budget is approved and adopted by both the WRCC Board of Directors and Council of the City of Welland.

If you have any questions about the Canal Lands, please contact us for more information.