Welland Recreational Canal Corporation ~ The Waterway
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The Waterway
Merritt Island
Canal Trails
Welland Amphitheatre
Merritt Park
Welland International Flatwater Centre
May 2                 Banana Belt Rowing Tour                       Recreational Waterway
May 22 & 23        High School Invitational                         WIFC South Course
May 29                Irish Chase                                             WIFC North Course
June 12                Welland Dragon Boat Festival              WIFC North Course
June 19                Tony Biernacki Sr. Memorial Regatta   WIFC North Course
June 19 & 20        ROWONTARIO Adaptive Clinic              Community Boathouse
June 27                Welland Triathlon                                 Recreational Waterway
July 11                 ROWONTARIO Masters Regatta              WIFC North Course
July 17                 Balmy Beach Regatta                             WIFC North Course
July 24                 Ontario Cup ~ Canoekayak                     WIFC North Course
July 24 & 25         ROWONTARIO Championships                WIFC South Course
July 25                 SNCC Masters Regatta                             WIFC North Course
July 31 & Aug 1    Commonwealth Rowing Championship WIFC South Course
July 31 & Aug 1    WOD Championships                              WIFC North Course
August 8              Four Bridges Open Water Swim             WIFC North Course
August 20 - 22      ROWONTARIO Assessment Camp          WIFC South Course
August 21            Paddle By Fire - Dragonboat Sprints      WIFC North Course
September 11       Canoe Kayak Marathon Regatta           WIFC North Course
September 25       Head Of The Welland                           WIFC North Course
September 26       ROSEPaddle 10k                                  WIFC North Course