108 Thorold Rd East, Welland, ON
End of Thorold Rd in Welland at the Waterway, north along the trail

June Hours: Saturday and Sunday
9am to dusk

July to Sept: daily 9am to dusk

Rent: canoes kayaks pedal boats
electric motors

Basic Rates: $10 per hour per boat
$4 per each subsequent half hour

Prices for tandem kayaks, electric motors slightly higher
Welland Recreational Canal Corporation ~ The Waterway
905.735.1700 xt 2311 info@canalcorp.ca
The Waterway’s
Flatwater Rental Program
Located at the North Welland
Flatwater Community Centre
Call 905-658-9432
for information
Call 905-658-9432
Stewards of
The Waterway
Come Out & Enjoy the ‘kawartha experience’
here in Niagara!!
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